Tarot by Kathleen: Amazingly Accurate, Brilliantly Insightful Psychic Readings by Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

Tarot By Kathleen: A Biographic Sketch of Psychic Reader Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

A Portrait of Kathleen Meadows, M.A.: Tested & Certified Psychic Reader and Tarot Grandmaster

Kathleen has an in-person practice in the Oak Bay District of Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. From here she also reads for more than 3000 clients all over the world by offering psychic readings by phone and Skype, and readings using Skype text messaging or video calling.

For more than 35 years Kathleen has read oracles professionally, and has taught psychic practice for 20 years in community colleges, libraries, community centres, and other unique training venues. Ten years have now passed in which Kathleen has been free to follow her blissful calling on a full time basis. Before becoming a professional full-time psychic, she was a project manager for services that supported high risk adolescents, women, and families.

Kathleen's Psychic Gifts: Identified, Tested, Certified

When Kathleen was just twelve years old she discovered an uncommon word to describe the powerful gifts she had begun to recognize: "Psychic!" By the time she was fifteen years old, Kathleen was playing psychic games and sharing experiences that, as she recalls "blew my friends away!". In that same year, 1969, she was given an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of her abilities when her class was instructed to research a topic of their choice and give a presentation. Kathleen enthusiastically chose "psychic testing and research". Through her research, Kathleen had the good fortune to discover the Rhine Institute, which had only been in operation for a few years at the time. She took their tests for psychic ability and earned impressive scores that served as empirical evidence of her sixth sense.

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The American Association of Professional Psychics

Years later, she sought out the American Association of Certified Psychics (AACP), where she earned her certification as a Professional Psychic in 2004. In doing so, Kathleen was put through rigorous testing and a series of intense interviews with the psychics of the AACP before being granted a certification herself as a Certified Psychic.

A Grandmaster of the Tarot

Kathleen has performed Tarot Card readings professionally since 1985 and online for 10 years. Kathleen has taught Tarot Card reading for 20 years. In 2004, Kathleen was certified as one of only 6 Tarot Grand Masters in Canada; the same year she earned her AACP psychic certification.

Kathleen's Education: Mastering Academia

Kathleen's spiritual journey into the paranormal was accompanied by her dedication to academic achievement and life-long learning. Her university career began in 1973, when she took as many classes in the study of women as were available, but no university at that time had a dedicated faculty of women's studies. One of the professors in the York University Humanities Department at that time was Joanna Stuckey who had an enormous impact on Kathleen's grasp of the academic feminist discourse. And it was Stuckey who helped Kathleen understand why the Christian Church failed to inspire her past 12 years old - Girls and women never got the starring roles! And so began a combined academic and personal journey that continues to this day.

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Psychic Kathleen Earns Her Master's Degree

Kathleen began earning her Master's (M.A.) degree in Religion and Culture at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where she had the honour of studying with Elinor Gadon, who was writing her book on the Goddess at the time. In 2001, she completed her M.A. degree in Canada at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario), with an academic focus on the works of Carl Jung and the Goddess.

In addition to earning her Master's Degree, Kathleen has completed 20 sundry courses at the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, and the California Institute of Human Relations in San Francisco. Most of her education has focused on the arts, psychology, and religion, but her studies even include the multi-dimensional world of quantum physics.

Bridging Academic and Spiritual Knowledge

Like two parallel streams, her educational and spiritual journey ran concurrently for more than 30 years. In 2003, an synchronistic opportunity presented itself to blend these parallel streams. Her academic pursuit in quantum physics, Joanna Stuckey's lifetime work on feminine spirituality, Vicki Noble's Motherpeace, and the field of scientific query into psychic phenomenon all came together in her first web site which was designed and built by her brother Greg Meadows.

A Portrait of Kathleen Meadows, M.A.: Tested & Certified Psychic Reader and Tarot Grandmaster

Kathleen Begins Her Career as a Psychic Professional

Kathleen was invited to lecture at the local public library, this time on psychic ability and women, attracting extensive local media interest to this unusual woman living in their midst! (The Record, The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, The Toronto Sun, CKCO TV (CTV), Rogers Cable TV, and various radio stations and shows) Much to Kathleen's surprise, an avalanche of attention was directed to her philosophies, courses and unique psychic practice. She made a life altering decision to respond to this welcoming shift in acceptance for her past described eccentricity and leaped full time into doing what she loved! Divining and teaching others how to develop their spiritual gifts.

Kathleen was invited to be the resident mystic Tarot reader at prestigious eateries such as the Epic Dining Room at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, the historical Walper Terrace Hotel in Kitchener, and the quaint Crystal's Tea Room. More media attention attracted corporate clients such as Toyota, the City of Kitchener, Eagle Professional Services, Lutherwood Children's Services, Ice Leadership, and The Silly People.

Presently Kathleen is receiving spiritual inspiration from the life and works of Cora L.V. Richmond (1840 - 1923).

"The loss of the maternal hierarchy in society is the loss of knowing heaven"

-- by Cora L.V. Richmond - Psychosophy (The Book of the Soul) --

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