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Contacting Psychic Reader Kathleen Meadows, M.A. in Victoria, BC.

(Portrait) Psychic Reader Kathleen Meadows, M.A.
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Contact Psychic Kathleen by Phone: 778-433-9145

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Contact Psychic Kathleen by Email: tarotbykathleen@gmail.com

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Contact Psychic Kathleen on Skype: username: kathleen.meadows

Psychic Kathleen's In-person Reading Practice and Mailing Address

In-person Readings & Mailing Address:
303-1725 Beach Drive
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8R 6H9 (click for map)

Contact Psychic Kathleen using the Ether Service:

By Phone: Schedule and pay for a psychic reading by phone by calling 1-888-693-8437 extension 02663678.

Immediate Psychic Readings avialable using Ether Service Online: Click the blue Ether button to the or in right sidebar of this website. When the Ether button is flashing "call me", Kathleen is available immediately for readings!

Psychic Tarot Readings by Kathleen Meadows, M.A.
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in Victoria, BC
In-Person Psychic Readings by Kathleen from Victoria BC
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