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Psychic Readings by Tarot Grand Master Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

In these ways, Kathleen connects with clients all over the world from her busy practice in Victoria BC's Oak Bay District:


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Many people ask if Kathleen's readings are strictly Tarot Card readings, or if she employs genuine psychic ability as well. What few people realize about Tarot reading is that it takes a great deal of study, practice, and authentic esoteric knowledge to perform meaningful and accurate readings. The reader should also be open to the messages that flow from the spiritual world into ours, skillfully interpreting these messages to reveal their underlying wisdom. Recognized as one of only six Grandmaster Tarot Readers in Canada and Certified as a Professional Psychic by the American Association of Certified Psychics, you can be assured that Kathleen's readings are informed by an exceptional base of knowledge and skills.

A Lifetime with the Tarot

Kathleen has been studying the Tarot for thirty-eight years, and has been teaching and reading professionally since 1984. She is still learning new methodologies every day! Studying and reading the Tarot fosters and enhances psychic ability in its users. The vast majority of professional readers are recognized as psychically gifted before they commit to this intense field of study, drawn to the Tarot as a means of exploring and developing their gift.

Divination Tools to Compliment the Cards

To compliment the Tarot cards during a reading, Kathleen uses other divination tools such as a sacred tarot cloth, cleansing crystals, an exquisite 10" crystal ball, or a wooden statue of a revered ancient Goddess. These tools further enhance her spiritual awareness and thereby her ability to guide and advise her clients. Once her mind has expanded into a spiritual plane, astonishing insights and visions convey accurate information that her clients describe as "spooky but true".

Psychic Tarot Readings by Kathleen Meadows, M.A.
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