Tarot by Kathleen: Amazingly Accurate, Brilliantly Insightful Psychic Readings by Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

Tarot by Kathleen: Psychic Readings In-person from Victoria, BC.

From her practice in Victoria, BC, Canada, Kathleen Meadows, M.A. provides in-person psychic readings

Kathleen's Psychic Reading Practice

The heart of Kathleen's psychic reading practice is her office in the District of Oak Bay, Victoria, BC.

To arrange an in-person reading with Kathleen in Victoria BC, you can call her at 778-433-9145 or email her at tarotbykathleen@gmail.com. Typically in-person readings can be scheduled within a few days.

Tarot by Kathleen: Client Reviews and Testimonials

I've been a practicing psychic for almost 30 years. It is my vocation to look for patterns of emergence into a future that in the present moment is perceivable. Given of course that you know what to look for or more accurately what to listen for. A future reality is perceivable if we listen carefully to that inner voice that declares without reservation, "This will be!" And frankly it's happened often enough in my life that I know this is true.

The Science of Magic: Phenomenology & Quantum Physics

The science that best supports my experience of psychic reality is one called Phenomenology. Phenomenology without apology states that each experience we have is real. The burden of proof simply required is that it happened once - to you. That's enough. If you are looking for a place in science to explain that your experience of the paranormal is valid and provable because you experienced it, this is where you'll find it. "Truth" is subjectively perceived AND manifested. Quantum Physics has proven that events can unfold differently depending on whether or not the events are observed. This discovery, made almost twenty years ago through a series of experiments performed under strict laboratory conditions, turned the whole matter of the scientific method on its ear.

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With Deep Roots in the Present, the Future is Revealed

To determine a future, to fully grasp the past, we must remain aware and focused on the here and now. We must solidly position ourselves in this moment. Smell the aroma, feel the air currents, see the colours, shapes, sizes of everything in room, and most importantly listen carefully to that inner voice. That's the secret of clairvoyance. The more you are aware in this present moment, the more you will know the past and future on each side of it. All of time is right now.

"The religion of life-why, my friends, you should love religiously, breathe religiously, think religiously; not simply pray religiously, not simply kneel down on Sunday religiously, or in family worship; but every action should be a deed of worship, and every thought a prayer: and every tear of sympathy is as much a true feeling of devotion as that worship which comes from the lips-and more, when it is prompted by a true impulse within the heart."

-- Mrs. Cora Richmond, 1880 --

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In-Person Psychic Readings by Kathleen from Victoria BC
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