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Women, the Tarot, & Magic: By Kathlen Meadows, M.A.

E-Book: Women, the Tarot, and Magic, by Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

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A Discussion of Tarot's Magical Effect on Women


  • Confessions of a Woman-Centred Psychic Reader
  • Tarot as a Path to Feminine Enlightenment
  • 7 Tarot Lessons in Psychology
  • Meditating with the Tarot
  • Tarot for Healing
  • Storytelling the Tarot
  • Psychic Ability & Reading the Tarot
  • Online Psychic Advisors & Psychic Research

Within a few short months of it's release, Women, the Tarot, and Magic was aready an inspiration for women all over the world. It reclaims the positive, and nurturing values of the tarot dating pre-patriarchal times. Kathleen brilliantly combines mystery, mythology, philosophy and comparative religion with an informed spiritual ebook and feminist perspective.

The Cosmic Connection Between Women and the Tarot

In celebration of our ancient feminine heritage, Women, the Tarot, and Magic offers the reader a unique vision of hope and transformation. Kathleen shows how the tarot's symbols and myths can provide insight into the loving power of the Goddess for women and men today.

Is This Spiritual E-book for You?

Women, the Tarot, and Magic is a landmark chapter in the ongoing dialogue between womyn's studies and the Tarot. It is about how the tarot can be a serious, and magical tool that women can use to find their true path of self-realization and authenticity. Kathleen has been a teacher, counselor and guide to women of all ages for more than 30 years, through the labyrinth of oppression, misogyny, and self-negation into the light of true self and personal agency. This ebook doesn't sugar coat the journey or the process to self-empowerment – if you are ready to take this Fool-ess's leap, you'll find this popular spiritual e book a unique tool to have in your magic bag.

Testimonial Reviews of Women, the Tarot, & Magic

Kathleen, thank you so much for writing this e-book. I haven't completed it yet, but want more time to sit down and digest it all. The pages that i did read however, were so inspirational that I had to run out and buy a Tarot deck for beginners, along with a book, ("Discovering Yourself Through the Tarot: a Jungian Guide to Archetypes and Personality")! Your writing clearly demonstrated to me the benefits the Tarot holds for self understanding and also as a spiritual guide, that I wanted to experience this for myself. Thank you for sharing your insight, I always love what you have to say. Now I want to make some Tarot friends who I can discuss all of this with, it's just so inspiring.

Last night I read a few more pages of your writing, and get so intrigued and inspired, I so desperately want to learn the Tarot!

Geraldine Sweeney

Since my time connecting with Kathleen, I have been awed and inspired by her multiple talents. As a teacher, counselor and author possessing great psychic ability she is wonderfully generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge and insight. She is particularly skillful in her approach creating colorful imagery in order to distill and express that which is complex and often imperceptible yet never compromised by her sensitivity. Anything written by Kathleen is a treasure I look forward to.

Sincerely, Gloria

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