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Kathleen is a tested, certified psychic and Grandmaster tarot reader. She is a psychic’s psychic, coaching other professional psychics to high standards of excellence. Kathleen does readings in person in the Oak Bay Community of Victoria, BC and by distance through the psychic phone reading and psychic chat online.


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Why have your fortune told by Kathleen?

For more than 3000 clients worldwide, Kathleen’s insights and forecasts have proven to be accurate and precise. Her clients are impressed with her thoughtful spiritual guidance and honesty. She can provide you with stimulating and sensitive guidance that will both excite and propel you with insights you won’t receive from anyone else. Read testimonials about Kathleen.

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Kathleen can help you

Do you need a preview of your presently mapped future path and talk to spiritual mentor? Do you need objective and professional assistance in making an important decision? Perhaps you are concerned about a loved one. Are you seeking relationship advice for a family or love relationship?

Ask psychic Kathleen questions about your health concerns, or career path.

Kathleen holds a Master’s degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON Canada in addition to her natural psychic gift. She is a rare and famous psychic in Canada.

Hi Kathleen,
Just wanted to say that you are damn good. You told me that I would be dating by or on March 21st and I had an amazing date on March 20th that spilled into the 21st. Very accurate all ’round.


Kathleen has a busy in person psychic tarot reading practice in Oak Bay, Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island, Canada. Her address is on Beach Dr. which runs along the coast line on the east coast of Victoria, just minutes from downtown Oak Bay Village.


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What Does it Mean to Have a Reading by Kathleen?

The Tarot works on what one Tarotist referred to as vast time.  When I focus, carry myself deeply into the cards, and open my inner listening ear, I tune into this vast time. What I perceive may be an event, feeling, or insight that has happened and is relevant to your present and future experiences.  I enter a realm where past, present and future all exist at the same time.

Sometimes I ask myself, “What is really on this client’s mind today?”

I may begin by helping them identify what area of their lives they are the most concerned about, such as, health, love, career, life purpose, travel, retirement.  Once the main area of concern has been identified, getting to the central question is not so difficult.  What do they want to know about their careers? Health? Love life?

A client is not required to ask a question and certainly I read for many clients who don’t wish to ask a question for a myriad of reasons. I explain to clients that if they don’t ask a question they are left with the complex task of translating the messages I convey into something that makes sense in their lives. If they ask a question, I do that translation work for them. It’s been my experience that it’s much easier to establish an interactive style of reading with someone who is open to asking questions.

Divination is a kind of reverse perception where one has to see the whole picture and work from the whole to the particular yet one must at the same time be aware that the whole is composed of particulars. This is the challenge of reading. I must discern the whole pattern – break it down into its particulars and at the same time see how the particulars make up the whole.

One woman came for a reading with questions about her marriage. I turned up the Prince of Swords for him and right beside him I turned over the Princess of Swords. What immediately stood out was the fact that he was looking off in the distance away from her and she was looking towards him. That’s exactly how I read it.

I said, “He is looking off somewhere and you are looking at him but you aren’t getting eye contact”.

Reading is like weaving an intricate blanket – the cards are the weave and woof of the fabric. The cards in the layout represent the canvas upon which you weave your story.