Performing a Psychic Tarot Reading

Tarot Readings in VictoriaThere are several key components to doing a life altering psychic tarot reading for a client. The reader becomes a combination of storyteller, guide, and spiritual advisor to the client. Melding classic and esoteric knowledge of the Tarot with psychic ability, produces a life changing evaluation and assessment of the patterns presently at work in a client’s life and where these energies are taking the client into the future.




Tarot Reading Sacred Space

In Kathleen’s reading space, you will typically observe the following items in addition to the Tarot cards:

Tarot Reading Mat/Cloth

Kathleen’s tarot reading mat provides a beautiful frame and boundary for the Tarot reading layout. It showcases the Cards and boundaries a surface upon which the reading is taking place. It conveys a sacred message that this is a special event, which is deeply honoured and respected.

Crystals & Pendulum

Kathleen has several divination items in her reading space including a large crystal ball that she uses primarily for meditiation and contemplation. Also included on her table are several pendulums for quick “yes”, “no” queries, Chinese divination sticks, and rune and Goddess stones.

Crystal Ball

Layout: How the Tarot Cards are Positioned

Tarot Card Meanings
Experienced readers
have a clear recall in the meanings of their cards, the placements of the cards in a layout pattern, and how to read the client’s story as it unfolds from one card to the next in the layout. One of the keys to understanding and interpreting the relationship between the cards in a layout is how the primary elements in each card interact with each other.

Kathleen uses several layouts depending on the questions asked by the client. There is no all-size-fits-all layouts in the Tarot.

Helping You Formulate Questions

Some questions are easier to address in a reading. Consider questions beginning with what, where, how, and why. There are a number of methodologies Tarotists use to determine the “when” of an event.

  • The season of the card (ie. Wands are summer, Cups are fall, Pentacles are winter and Swords are spring),
  • Cups are minutes and days, Wands are weeks, Swords are months and Pentacles are years
  • The number of the card indicates how many minutes, days, weeks, months and years.


Few methods are 100% reliable. Time is irrelevant in the spirit world! All time IS NOW in spirit which is why it’s crucial to be in the present moment to be able to read accurately.