Unique and Eloquent Commentator on Tarot Products

Kathleen has been writing reviews of Tarot books and cards for more than 25 years. She has been recognized and sought after for her opinions about many new ones coming to market. Kathleen’s long experience as a reader in combination with her educational background make her a unique and eloquent commentator on tarot products.

Kathleen aims to be fair, honest and precise in her reviews keeping in mind that most creators of the tarot have invested years of their lives in the illustration and authorship of a new book and/or accompanying deck. But that doesn’t block her from being circumspect in her praise. She recommends you research the purchase of your own deck carefully. Read many reviews and consider carefully whether this is a deck that will speak to you. Not all decks suit everyone.

Your chosen deck should inspire you to tell great stories and aid your mind in finding that place of quiet mediation and creative elocution. Ultimately your chosen deck should inspire a deeply emotional, spiritual connection and personal growth.